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Kalypso Offshore Talks U.S. Development & Supply Chain Bottlenecks With Recharge News

At the 2024 Oceantic Network’s IPF Conference, Kalypso Offshore Energy sat down with Recharge News’ WindTV to discuss the rising demand for renewable energy, Kalypso Offshore Energy’s response and ambitions for U.S. vessel development, and the challenges and bottlenecks foreseen for the industry.

We dove into some of the most pressing topics in the offshore wind industry, including:

  • The future of renewable energy and Kalypso Offshore’s role in driving innovation.

  • Key challenges and opportunities in the offshore wind sector.

  • Our commitment to sustainability and how we are contributing to a greener future.

A big thank you to Recharge News for this fantastic opportunity to share our story and vision.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Cell: +1 (857) 452-7484


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